People in Greeley have it better than they think

Kendrix Watts, Editorialist

A common belief of people who live in or around Greeley is that this is a dangerous place to live. whether it’s the crime or the schools,  people who don’t even live in Greeley complain about how “ghetto” or “bad” it is. To me, it’s not the case at all.  Not even close.  

Greeley isn’t close to being bad to me simply because it’s the safest place I’ve ever been. Growing up in Montgomery, Alabama you can imagine things are a lot different. When comparing Greeley to the things I’ve seen in my life, it will really make you start to question and see how blessed you are to live in a place like this. From witnessing crime, schools, and to the way the state treats us in Montgomery is unacceptable. 

 We’ll take a look at Greeley as a whole. The crime rates are at an average when compared to other cities. Greeley has reported few murders, sure.  However when comparing this to where I’m from the number does not only double or triple but is tremendously higher.   

Another thing is the school system. The school system here is amazing compared to back home. The amount of money and schools this district has is only a dream for Montgomery Schools. Teachers here are a lot more qualified to teach and students there having trouble because of lots of gang activity. It’s so bad that schools actually have metal detectors for students to walk in school. 

Lastly the communities in Greeley may not be the best but they are so much better when you look at how other communities are impacted. Most communities here kept up without too much trash everywhere. However in Montgomery you have the projects and trashy areas that the city won’t clean up because they could care less.