Students share strategies for success in online learning

Kendrix Watts, Staff Writer

As everyone knows COVID has changed so much in education. There’s a lot of focus on how teachers have changed their style of educating students in the media, but there is little time spent on how students are changing their learning techniques to be successful. With being full remote, some students needed to really find a way to learn on their own so that they could obtain information and retain it.

There are not just two or three ways to learn and it can be challenging for students  to try to connect with other students. Challenges may also arise because some students may not log on everyday and it puts them behind. This time management makes it harder for students to catch up when they fall behind. 

Students were happy to share strategies and steps they’ve taken to help them to continue to be productive. “I made an area to do my work without any distractions and I ask lots of questions after class,” junior Camille Musil

Musil’s success has paid off with two As and one B in her classes now.  Now on the other side of this, even though students are finding ways to learn others struggle with all remote learning due to the way they learn. “School is hard bro. It’s really hard to try to keep up honestly” a student  who wished to remain anonymous said. 

Greeley West isn’t the only school going through this.  Leon Ramirez, a junior at Greeley Central, explained that he writes notes while the teacher is talking and then goes back to review them after class so that the information is fresh in his head.

With remote-learning many students have continued to persevere while a few students are slower to adapt. It can only get better from here for teacher and students, both.