West Word thanks you for enjoying April Fools Day with us


April Fools Day by Clipart.info is licensed under CC BY 4.0

The staff of the West Word thanks our readers for making today one of our most visited days since we started the website.  Only stories about Mr. Holmes saving a drowning kid and the first new building plans have faired better.

We should probably set the record straight.  We think it would be really cool if Chick-fil-A became a lunch option.  Some districts have local food establishments come into their commons and sell their food.  But it’s not happening at the new West or the old West.  But it did make for the easiest joke of the day.

The most shared joke of the day was the dinosaur story.  Dinosaurs did roam Colorado… probably here.  But construction workers didn’t even find the old time capsule, let alone dinosaur bones.

We know Mr. Torrez enjoyed his article.  The biggest clue should have been a move to Windsor… but if you still didn’t get it, his son not identifying him should have clinched the deal.  Although the fake Mr. Redman quote was certainly something he would say.

The football team will still be here next year, but Tani had a few people going – even though we were halfway through the day.  And our catering class won’t be going anywhere either.  They would never make such a silly error.

President Biden and a free trip to Hawaii seemed totally implausible, so we waited to run them until the end of the day.  But Mr. Johnson joining the social studies department seemed like a real possibility. We particularly thought the polo and khaki line was in line.  Just take a look at Paulson, Jiru, Dietz, Wagner, and Juarez on any given day.

Finally, we hope the Greeley West community was intelligent enough after a long day of funny articles – not to mention bylines that said “Staff Fool,” tags that said “April Fools Day” and the fact each story was published under an “Arts & Entertainment” menu – to realize that the new West’s opening couldn’t be delayed any more than it already is.  We acknowledge Nathaniel’s article sounded serious… but have we published ANYTHING serious today?

We’ll be back to normal on Monday, probably with some exhilarating reading material relating to SAT schedules.  Also, be looking for another West Report coming to a Homeroom near you – completely live!