Board Gamers deal out a sense of community

Gage Martinez, Staff Writer

Clubs at Greeley West High School are a crucial part of the sense of community that this school offers, and no other club  demonstrates this sense of community better than the Board Game Club, a club where students can come together after school and play a wide variety of board games with each other.

Students can enjoy playing board games offered by the club, or bring their own games from home to play with everyone else. There will be plenty of other students to enjoy board games with, with around 8-20 students showing up to attend the club at any given time Board Game Club is active.

Not only are the students that attend passionate and very interactive with all of the games that they play, they’re very welcoming to anyone, new or returning, and are more than happy to teach anyone unfamiliar about the game they’re playing the basics and rules, as well as any extra mechanics in the game that should be mentioned.

If students want to have a longer session with their board games, there will be many different opportunities for them to have extended games sessions, that can stretch out for as long as the students want or need the game session to take.

The board game club can be found after school hours on Tuesdays in room B-104. If you have questions about the club, ask Mr. Ryan Allen or Mr. Paul Cherry.

“Come and join! We have lots of fun here, and we have many different board games for everyone to enjoy, and opportunities to meet new people and learn different games. Hope we can see more students show up regularly,” Allen said.