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Anything can happen in your March Madness brackets

Brody Clark, Staff Writer

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March Madness is one of the best parts of sports all year long. There is a 68-team bracket where anything can happen, as history shows. People around America have made the bracket one of the most popular and the most challenging sporting event ever. Filling out a bracket is extremely fun, but it is also very stressful.

Some professors around America believe that the chances of getting 100% on the bracket is 1 in 9.2 quintillion, while other believes it is 1 in 128 billion of a chance. This is unbelievable chance of getting a perfect bracket and that is why it leads to such a high level of stress. If you got that perfect bracket, you would become instantly famous and win millions of dollars. However, it doesn’t look like anyone will be getting a perfect bracket any time soon.

Some people just fill out a bracket and compete with their friends to see who can guess the best, while others put money down and make it a much more stressful event. Teachers around Greeley West have used their teaching topic to have kids fill out brackets, and AVID has also had classes fill one out.

Filling out March Madness brackets out are a ton of fun and can get intense when games come down to the wire and the Cinderella team is about to beat the team you have winning it all. However, if you were that 1 in 128 billion to get it right, your life will be changed because you’ll be famous, all by taking just 10 minutes to fill out a bracket.

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Anything can happen in your March Madness brackets