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Greeley West students prepare for upcoming football season with excitement

Kylie Worsham, Staff Writer

August 23, 2019

With the football season fast approaching, players, cheerleaders, and fans are feeling the excitement that comes with the first game of the year. Students all around West spend weeks leading up to the first game of the season,...

Forgotten MORP dance will make its return in February

Jackson Morgan, Staff Writer

December 10, 2018

This winter, Greeley West  is bringing back one of its oldest traditions: MORP. MORP is a less formal dance where the girl asks the boy to the dance, which is why the name is prom spelled backwards. The dance will be on February...

After placing third, Pom seniors start to look ahead to college

Hailey Ortega, Staff Writer

December 10, 2018

Last weekend, the Greeley West Poms went down to the Denver Colosseum to attend state. The dance team performed an outstanding hip hop routine and placed third in the 5A division. Some of the senior girls are starting to prepare...

Have you found your snowflake yet?

Gavonne Goodwin, Staff Writer

December 10, 2018

Last week, student council hung up individual snowflakes for everyone in the school. It’s been a tradition at West for the last 30 years. The front office, student council members, and teacher’s assistants helped make all of ...

Christmas Gala replaces week’s worth of shows

Emma Hawley, Staff Writer

December 10, 2018

The 1st Greeley West Christmas Gala is not like the original Christmas concerts put on in the past. In the previous years, each department of the music program has had their own concert within three days the week before finals. ...

Senior, Ruben Fuentes, returns to school after serious summer car crash

Brayden Startzer, Staff Writer

November 14, 2018

Senior Ruben Fuentes returned to Greeley West on Tuesday, October 30th, still recovering from a dramatic car crash where he rode in the passenger seat while senior, Ivan Dominguez drove. The crash occurred in Platteville, Colorado...

Happy rocks make happy communities

Jackson Morgan, Staff Writer

November 13, 2018

Ms. Kimberly Fisher’s English classes have been working a new project to help spread words of encouragement. The project is part of a movement where people take rocks and paint them and write a quote or phrase to help encourage...

Three advanced music classes, no problems for Spartan senior

Gavonne Goodwin, Staff Writer

November 13, 2018

Senior Destiny Moreno has been involved with music ever since she was little and she never planned on stopping in high school. This year, she’s involved with all three advanced music classes: Spartones Jazz choir, chamber orchestra,...

Horticulture greenhouses receive face-lift

Haylie Juhl, Staff Writer

October 24, 2018

Over the summer, Greeley had two major hail storms that were devastating to not only the city, but to the Greeley West greenhouses. The greenhouses were built in 1960 and have been left untouched over the years. That all changed...

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