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Key Club readies fundraisers

Brody Clark, Staff Writer

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Every school year the Key Club does activities to raise money for a program. This year the activities will be held the two weeks of April 17th to the 28th of April. There will be 3-4 of them within the 2 weeks’ span and will all be held around the school.

Each activity has to do with coins, change, or a dollar. It is a very cheap, easy and fun way to help donate the money you have.
The donated money will be going to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Both of these are diseases that are very dangerous and donating money could help in many ways.

One of the three activities is called “Car Coinage.” The Key Club member will each stand outside West at each of the exits and ask for change in your glove box. After lunch kids always have change and it will be easy to put it in a bucket instead of keeping it in your car.

The next activity is called “Stuck for a Buck.” The club will have a vote around the school to see which teacher the students want to tape to the wall. It will cost one dollar to buy a piece of tape and once you buy it, you will be able to put tape onto the elected teacher.

The next activity will be called the “Penny Pileup.” On a day after lunch kids will be told to bring in change and put it onto the teacher’s desk. The teacher will not be allowed to start the class until he/she has counted all of the coins. This is a great way to donate and stop class.

The last activity is called “Pitch a Pan.” This is very similar to chuck a puck however it will be a paper airplane instead. Students will buy the piece of paper and get a chance to throw it at a target to win a prize.

For the actual dates and more information look at posters around the school or talk to Key Club members. Ms. Kim Fisher is the head teacher who can also answer questions.

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Key Club readies fundraisers