Student shows passion for jazz behind drum kit


Megan Battleson

Freshman Evan DeMeyer plays the drums during jazz band class this week.

Megan Battleson, Staff Writer

The massive class of 2021 may crowd the hallways, but these young students bring a lot of talent to the Spartan community, and Evan DeMeyer is no exception. As a star percussionist and student from Brentwood Middle School, Evan was excited to make the advanced band at West as a freshman.

This year, his aptitude for music will be seen on the tenor drums during marching band. The Greeley West jazz band is also proud to introduce him as one of the youngest members, where Evan can share his passion for jazz on the drum set. Typically freshman do not get to participate in the jazz band.

“Evan has been a wonderful addition to the band program here at West,” Mr. Chet Arthur reported. “He works hard and is committed to becoming a better percussionist.”

DeMeyer is looking forward to traveling with the band to Winter Park in 2019 to compete in a CHSAA sanctioned competition.

Outside of band, DeMeyer prides himself on his unique sense of humor and hopes to make the basketball team as a small forward. In his eighth grade year, DeMeyer was recognized by District 6 in a student spotlight for his excellence in athletics, music, and academics.

As the first week of school draws to an end, DeMeyer is confident to say that, “West is clearly better,” than other local high schools, and that he is excited by the many opportunities here at West. Freshman Evan DeMeyer is definitely one to watch, and West is excited to welcome him to the Spartan family.