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Increase in traffic frustrates student drivers

Mo Duran, Staff Writer

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Greeley West welcomed the new traffic congestion to start the 2017 school year. Kids and parents alike are finding that even with a 45-minute later start, leaving earlier doesn’t always mean you will get to class on time.

As well as the added students to the building, District 6 reduced bussing, from 14 routes to 3 at Greeley West. This saves the district upwards of $600,000, which became necessary when a mill levy was not passed last year by voters.  The walking distance to school and bus stops added a mile and a half to the original length. This took busses away from some who would have bussed last year and means that even more students than ever are walking each day.

On Tuesday August 29, Greeley West’s own Mace Emler was hit by a car while biking to school. He was crossing the street at the light at 35 Avenue and 24 Street, and had the right of way. The car came at him and the bike took most of the impact. “The driver did get out to help me, but I was already on the sidewalk by then. I got up and took off,” said Emler, a senior.

Emler sustained minimal injuries, and the driver was not related to Greeley West.

Administration is addressing the problem by taking measure to prevent unsafe behavior when crossing the street.  The campus monitors have taken over traffic guarding during lunch until an official guard can be put into place. They are attempting to prevent another accident during all traffic heavy times.

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Increase in traffic frustrates student drivers