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How will Trump’s DACA change impact West?

Brody Clark, Staff Writer

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Last week, President Donald Trump kept his election promise to eliminate the DACA program that the Obama Administration created in 2012. DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival, is a program that gives the children of undocumented immigrants a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility work permit.

Obama tried to pass this executive order as a law but Congress denied it. Obama decided to pass it as an executive order, but that has its flaws. Any president can undo an executive order by just making a new order. This explains why Trump can easily have DACA expire.

Greeley West has over 100 students that qualify for DACA and this will affect each one of them either personally, by family, or even by one of their friends.

In six months when the permits expire, people aren’t sure what will come next. It’s all fear. “The day after the election was the first day I’ve ever cried in class,” English teacher Colin Shaha said. “So many of my students came into class with unnecessary stress and fear.”

“I try to allow all my kids to come to class emotionally right,” Shaha said. Students having to worry about their home life and whether or not they’ll have to move to a country they’ve never lived in will prevents them from focusing on learning.

Shaha is going to write to congressmen to try and get his word out to a higher level.

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How will Trump’s DACA change impact West?