Junior named one of best in Business Economics nationally

Tyler Holmes, Staff Writer

Greeley West’s School of Business is just getting off the ground, operating in its second year.  However, it already made an impression on one Spartan student.

In a press release issued Monday, junior Omega Martinez was celebrated at the Fall Training Institute in Vancouver, Washington, as one of the Top 20 students in Business Economics last year.  Martinez placed in the Top 20 of 1680 test-takers last year in High Schools of Business across the country.  She was Greeley West’s only top finisher.

Martinez took Business Economics class last year with Mr. Rich Davis. The test that Martinez took was for her final for the class that was then submitted to the High School of Business, a national organization.

“The test took a while and was hard, but I came out with a good grade on it and I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” Martinez said.

Martinez is not taking a High School of Business class this year because her AVID and IB schedule does not leave room for one.

Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson said, “When we have students score high on tests like this, it shows us that we can compete with any school in athletics as well in the classroom. “