Nobody wins in Powderpuff game

Megan Battleson, Staff Writer

On Monday night, the legacy of senior girls overcoming the juniors continued in the annual powderpuff football game, sponsored by the junior class.  Th event, postponed twice because of weather and a volleyball game, is a fundraiser for Prom.

The senior team was led by captains Christi Frierson and Hana Cropper and coaches Ky Dietz, Mitchell Johnson, and various senior football helpers.

Juniors were led by captains Beatriz Saenz Gonzalez and Mariah Serna, and coach Cody Jiru.

Off to a rocky start, the juniors persistently ran every play earning few yards each time. In response, senior Mykalie Teets scored a touchdown followed by a two-point conversion completed by Cropper.

Half time was slightly shortened due to the lack of entertaining acts. This is the first year that powderpuff has not been accompanied by the male poms. At an informational meeting, only three boys expressed interest in partaking in the tradition, resulting in the cancellation of the half-time event.

The next half, juniors came back to score a touchdown by Mia Anderson, with a close field goal that fell just short of standards, bringing the score to 8-6 where the seniors remained in the lead for the remainder of the game. During second half, Gonzalez also sustained a significant injury that required an MRI and her removal from the game.

With less than five minutes left in the game, a fight between a junior and senior athlete brought an early end to the game. After pleas by the seniors to finish out the game, Principal Jeff Cranson officially declared the the completion of the game. Players and fans were ushered off the field in an attempt to quickly resolve the events of the night. With the early adjournment of the game, no team was declared victorious.

Frierson hopes that future players will, “remember that we are all from West, and we are all family”.