West AVID program shows off strategies


Megan Battleson

Visiting teachers monitor Ms. Lea Sanford’s classroom to learn more about AVID strategies.

Megan Battleson, Staff Writer

Few schools in America can say that they are an AVID demonstration school, but West Spartans are among students from only three other schools in Colorado that can proudly claim the title.

“I feel proud of us because we are in the top 2% of AVID demonstration schools across the country,” said freshman ambassador Caleb Sandoval.

Because of West’s notable reputation as a demonstration school, “people come here to see our stellar AVID program” commented senior ambassador Isael Ramirez.

After a three day weekend, AVID students were welcomed back by a group of administrators, coordinators, and teachers from across Colorado that are interested in improving or beginning an AVID program in their schools. 30 observers were led by ten student ambassadors around the school on Thursday.

AVID coordinators of all levels selected representatives from their classes based on grades, character, and overall ability to present the program well. Four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and one freshman were chosen to be student tour guides for the visitors.
Groups were arranged so that a pair of ambassadors were guiding 5-8 spectators through stations where they could monitor West AVID students in the normal working environment.

“Our AVID program seems to get way better every year, and we want to continue that trend,” said Ramirez.

The yearly showcase is a way for West to help other schools sculpt and improve their own AVID program by having an exemplary school to follow.