Proper integration of technology will help

Megan Battleson, Editorial Writer

As students in the digital age, we are constantly surrounded by technology.

Although technology is sometimes viewed as distracting, properly implementing it into schools can help improve learning and the learning environment.

The incorporation of technology can and has been improving efficiency in the classroom. As a replacement of chalkboards and white boards, promethean boards allow teachers to prepare lessons ahead of time and project the notes or presentations rather than having to take time out of class to copy them onto the board. This preparation also allows teachers to save copies because they can display the information rather than making copies for each student that may or may not be used anyway.

Technology also encourages interaction with information and allows students to pursue different learning styles. Kahoot!, for example, is a game-based learning platform that encourages students to review and study material in an appealing and competitive fashion. Khan Academy is another widely-used website where students can learn material in a more user-friendly environment. Videos recommended by teachers on websites such as YouTube can help students visualize or understand topics explained through different teaching styles.

Integrating technology into the classroom also introduces technological skills that will be useful in college and is becoming increasingly more essential in the workforce.

As an IB school, students are encouraged to view topics from a global perspective, and several textbooks used in public schools are not written from a global perspective. With the help of technology, continuously updated information from multiple perspectives is available to students.

Technology alone may not change education, but teachers integrating and properly engaging it can.