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First snow emphasizes cultural differences

Idriss Siyat, Editorial Writer

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In Kenya, it would take a miracle to witness snowfall. In fact, we only get to witness snowfall in movies.

Living in Colorado, I heard “snow is knocking on the door.” One of the fine days in my newspaper class, a good friend of mine told me that the next day it would snow. I spent my night with happiness hoping that tomorrow I will witness the so-called snow. I woke up earlier than my usual time, just to check the weather.

Something shinny was falling from the clear sky. There was surprise waiting for me when I went outside. The whole night it had snowed like crazy. It was fun to watch everything covered with snow.

However there was a problem! All the cars in the parking lot were covered completely with snow. I had no clue the general area where my mom parked the car.

I was delighted to see remnants of snow on the pavement of the road. I never drove a car on a snow day and every so often, the car would slide. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with the car. After the stresses and strains of the drive, I reached school where Ms. Cobble told us more about the snow and its limitations. The thing she emphasized was “my lovely students watch out when you are driving during snow.”

After the school ended, it was my time to commute back home. It was really cold outside. Every step I took I felt like I was crunching the snow below my boots.

Approaching my car, I was aghast that the front mirror was covered with snow, I checked around me and collected a stick from the ground. A gentleman who was in a nearby car stepped out the car and walked toward me and asked me, “Don’t you have an ice scraper?” and I asked back “What’s that?” He smiled and said, “Wait, let me get you one,” He came back with a scraper and my jaw dropped. Witnessing snow was a lesson for me. I now know all about the snow in America and what an ice scraper is.

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First snow emphasizes cultural differences