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IB students eat with hands while experiencing Moroccan food

Jana Datteri, Staff Writer

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On Tuesday, November 28, the Junior IB class along with a few students from the IB French class took a trip to downtown Denver to experience Moroccan tradition. At the Moroccan restaurant Mataam Fez, the students had the opportunity to experience different kind of foods from the Moroccan culture.

When the students arrived at the Moroccan restaurant, they were seated around tables of six. All of the students sat on the floor on pillows and ate the five-course meal. The five-course meal started with a Moroccan soup, an appetizer, then cleanser. The cleanser was carrots soaked in an orange and flowered sauce. The cleanser was used to minimize the taste of the previous food they had eaten so they could get the full flavor of the next course.

The next course was a dessert like entrée. This included layers of chicken and beef wrapped in bread with powder sugar on the top. The last course included two little chickens, two lamb shanks, and some couscous (a type of grain) per table. Junior, Colin Mckee, stated, “Every 20 minutes, the servers brought out another course and a pot of hot water with lemon in it to rinse our hands.”

Part of the Moroccan tradition is there is no silverware, so you eat everything with your hands. Junior Luisa Zamora said, “It was a little weird to get used to eating with our hands and sharing all the food on the table with six people but the experience was worth it. I would definitely go back to eat there again.”

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IB students eat with hands while experiencing Moroccan food