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Some West students insulted by Trump’s vocab

Idriss Siyat, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, January 12, President Donald Trump had tete a tete with a group of lawmakers on immigration, where he made news by questioning why the U.S allows immigrants from “s-hole countries.” The comment was made in regards to poorer countries including El Salvador and countries in Africa. The claim left the entire world wondering what he meant, including those at Greeley West High School.

Trump’s vulgar insult of Africa and its descendants was a puzzle. Some students said that this left them wondering if he had demolished his ability to be taken as a serious leader.

English teacher Mrs. Emily White, who has the highest number of immigrant students in her class, was taken aback by the comment. She stated, “I feel sad for the people who have been through terrible things and came to the United States for a better life.”

The President’s comments revived accusations of racism and set off international outrage for the offensive word. Sophmore Gedeon Mutai, a student who migrated from Kenya said, “Why is it normal for President Trump to despise a continent he never visited. There is something inevitable about our browning American nation that our president does not understand. Africa and those of Africa ancestry deserve a respect and consideration of all regardless of the lives they lead.”

Jennifer Sample, a junior at West, had another opinion. “Where you come from doesn’t matter who you are. Those who have power over how people think should not abuse their power,” Sample said.

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Some West students insulted by Trump’s vocab