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Farm Shows provides FFA students opportunity to volunteer time

Bobbie Moss, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, the Greeley West FFA members and officers donated their time to help Colorado State University’s agriculture students complete a survey and Farm Show registration at Island Grove Regional Park. Starting at 8:30, by either bus or personal vehicle, they headed downtown to help oversee the events.

The officers partook in asking the members of the community how and why they attended Farm Show as well as helping register people for next year’s magazine that is sent to participants through the mail. The FFA members walked around to the abundance of vendors receiving a multitude of free items. Some of the favorite items received included hats as well as FFA towels. One of the vendors was the State FFA Officers who hosted a tire auction, as well as multiple vendors who did free entry raffles for people of all age to enter.  The officers and voluntold FFA members got a meal ticket which allowed them a delicious meal donated by 4-H. FFA and 4-Hs participation has been a long tradition for the Farm Show.

Senior Oscar Flores attended his first Farm Show in four years, even though he has been in the Ag program since his freshman year.  Flores’s reason for attending was so he could determine in his own viewpoint whether “Farm Show was cool or not.” Whereas freshman Justin Lincoln, who was voluntold by Mr. Kelly Longacre to attend, that since he “knows a lot about Ag stuff, and since I am one of the better kids it was worth missing class.”

The Ag day also consisted of a teacher convention that featured over 100 educators from across the state.  The students and officers learned a lot about what it means to represent the Greeley FFA chapter.

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Farm Shows provides FFA students opportunity to volunteer time