Don’t panic: AP tests worth monetary costs

Ivanna Rizo, Editorial Writer

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Popular belief among students is that along with the hard work it takes to be in rigorous classes, you also get a whopping test bill at the end of the year as a reward for all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into the class. In reality, paying less for an exam than paying for an entire class in college is actually a reward.

An exam that costs around 100 dollars that could potentially get you a college credit is worth the while. To take a year-round class in college, it costs an average of $950, some of which also involve an application fee. By paying for, taking, and passing any AP exam, you could save around $800 dollars. You have to pass with a 3 or higher on the exam to get college credit, but if you take the class you should be working hard enough to pass the exam.

There are also ways to waive how much you have to pay. Recipients of free or reduced lunch pay a lot less than those who don’t. You could also sign up for grants here at school to help pay for tests you have to take.

Think before you opt out – this is a really big decision that you should consider.

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