Students should show love everyday

Idriss Siyat, Editorial Writer

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Every year, the world celebrates its planetary party, the so-called Valentine’s Day. They celebrate this day full of jubilation by honoring one another with greeting cards, chocolate candies, and heart shaped gifts.

On this very day people seem to think of it as the one day of the year when you show your significant others how much you love them by buying them things.

I grew up in a country where Valentine’s Day is as normal as other days. But American me sees a huge preparation for the Valentine’s Day, especially students in high school.

Back where I came from, it was very rare to see students talking about or eagerly awaiting the Valentine. I vividly remember when one of my classmate asked my biology teacher, “sir is it ok for us to celebrate the valentine” and the teacher responded “at this time it’s good to focus on your education than thinking about love.”

He added and said Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by couples.

The question in my mind is: are we supposed to show appreciation for the person we love only on the 14th of February?

Celebrating love should not be limited to romantic love. Platonic love should be celebrated just as much as romantic love. We also need to think economically on this day. I see a lot of students walking with flowers in the hallways. I know we feel obligated to this day. I don’t mean people shouldn’t spend money on their loved ones or that they shouldn’t enjoy Valentine’s Day, plenty of people do. I am also not saying that people should stop acknowledging Valentine’s day. Many of you will see me as curmudgeon, but speaking personally I think one day to focus on love is detached.

It sounds good to have one day a year set aside to celebrate love and to do something special for the people we cherish most, but why should we wait for that one special day to give or receive the attention that we deserve. Shouldn’t everyday be special?
Love and romance are important for our happiness and well-being, whether you’re single or in a relationship. Don’t wait for Valentine’s day to show someone you love how much you truly care. Love is not about candy and jewelry.

I am going to treat February 14 just as I treat any other day and continue to show the love everyday

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