AVID, UNC event motivates AVID sophomores

Ivanna Rizo, Staff Writer

As an effort to push students toward a brighter future, AVID teachers encouraged students to attend the Pathways to Success conference at the UNC campus last Saturday. To start off the conference, the attendees were treated with a keynote speaker, Langston Mayo, a UNC graduate from Denver, Colorado. The speech consisted of the struggles of not fitting in and how he overcame the fact that he is a minority.

Break out sessions were the part of the conference where the students had some say in what they learned and did during the session. The options of the groups were Aims concurrent enrollment, Cumbres Mexican American Studies and UNC admissions. The break out sessions were to inform students about the opportunities offered to them at both Aims and UNC. To finish off the conference, students were given a tour of the campus.

Not only did AVID students benefit from the conference, but teachers attended as well to hear speakers and to learn more about the pathways their students can take after high school.

Sophomore, Rodrigo Perez-Campos said the Aims concurrent enrollment course really, “helped push me to realize that the future is closer than I thought and that I need to map out what I’m going to do during the rest of my high school career.”