New Tri-M club will be home to service projects, unification through music

Mo Duran, Staff Writer

Tri-M is a national organization that promotes high academic achievement and community service through music. Recently, Mr. Tom Nugent won a $1,000 dollar prize from Toyota’s January Giveaway to be used for repairs and new instruments, and he set aside $100 to start up the chapter here at Greeley West High School.

The Tri-M organization focuses on leadership and promotes leadership in the community using connections that students make through music. In order to join students must be enrolled in a year-long music class, maintain a 3.0 GPA, and be available to attend monthly meetings year round. The program also offers officer positions, officers must be available to attend weekly meetings.

Tri-M is a service organization, and students will be responsible for arranging community service projects as individuals and small groups throughout the year, as well as one large service project. By joining, kids will have access to more opportunities in scholarships and leadership. The program includes conferences, guest speakers, and lectures about maximizing leadership roles using the disciplines learned by participating in music programs.

This will be the only chapter in Weld County, and only Greeley West students are permitted to participate. Students have already begun to express interest, and the induction is going to be held in April. As long as everything goes as planned, the program will be up and running by April 1, and officer elections will be held later that month.

Nugent stated that “I think we are going to continue seeing music students take more leadership roles around the school. This program offers neat cultural opportunities, and with the good work kids are doing, we can see greater impact in the Greeley community.”