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UNC scientists allow AP students to experience college-level labs on campus

Brody Clark, Staff Writer

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On Monday March 5, the AP Chemistry and AP Physics classes had the opportunity to go to UNC and perform a lab with one of the professors and equipment that the university bought. Not only were the students given a chance to perform a real college lab, they were also given a tour through the physics and chemistry labs. The students met at Ross Hall at 5 p.m., took a tour for about 45 minutes, and then split into the two classes to perform their labs.

The chemistry lab was based off of electrochemical cells. The students created voltaic cell and calculated the different voltages with different substances and metals. The lab took the students over an hour to complete and collect data. After the lab was completed, the chemistry professor let the students ask questions about what college life is like. “I thought the experience overall was great because it demonstrated that college labs are very similar to labs we are doing now. It almost made me feel better about going into college. The lab itself was fun and a great hands on experience that allowed me to learn more about chemistry but also life in general,” junior Antonio Graham said.

The physics lab was a lab based off finding square waves and how they function compared to frequency based off the charge and the discharge. They got to use different machines that are not available at Greeley West like an oscilloscope. They also used capacitors and circuits, which were also different machines then what they are used to using at West. The lab took close to two hours to complete and to collect data. “The lab was a lot of fun and even a better experience. The lab was a very, very challenging but it was nice to understand how an actual college lab is like. It gave a good understanding,” junior Andrea Grajeda said.

UNC giving the students a chance to use equipment that is not available at West gives the students such a great opportunity. Not only were the students able to have a great way of learning about their subject, but they also got to understand what the college life will be like.

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UNC scientists allow AP students to experience college-level labs on campus