Travel Club enjoys Costa Rican Spring Break

Megan Battleson, Staff Writer

While Spartans began spring break, 13 students traveled out of the country for a once in a lifetime opportunity. The day after students were released for spring break, the kids were accompanied by teachers Ms. Corrine Yahn, Mr. Taylor Plantt, Ms. Elizabeth Villanueva, Ms. Kelly Stansbury, and two other adult volunteer travelers for Costa Rica.

For many of the students, travelling out of the country was a new experience, but for some, even being on an airplane was a first. “It was a little stressful as my first time flying,” junior Andrea Pastrana recalled.

The group departed from DIA March 10th and returned the following Saturday after a week of fun and exploration. During the week, the Spartans visited different provinces of Costa Rica. They went zip lining, hiked, and went whitewater rafting. “My favorite part was whitewater rafting,” Pastrana said. “I’ve never done something like that before.”

In addition to the new recreation, the travelers were also introduced to authentic Costa Rican cuisine that most of the students and chaperones were unaccustomed to.

After a successful spring break trip, the travelling team is preparing for the Belize trip next spring break with only three spots left for student travelers.

“I think going on the trip was more fun than just staying here,” stated Pastrana. “I think if I didn’t go I would have missed out a lot.”