Mattresses for money: band holds fifth annual event

Mo Duran, Staff Writer

The fifth annual mattress fundraiser for the Music Boosters Program was back at Greeley West on Saturday, March 24.

Front Range Unique Fundraising puts on this high yielding event every year for the music program to help the students pay for musical needs such as instruments, lessons, and the yearly trips to contests.

This year was the biggest so far, moving the actual event from the commons as it has been the past few years to the school’s gym with more models for participants to test out.

Front Range Unique Fundraising sells mattresses which most would consider to be a strange fundraiser, however it brings in a lot of money for students and is beneficial for consumers.

This year they added on accessories to the sales such as pillows, and for the first time ever, sheets. Each mattress is locally made and has new customization and financing options available.