Teachers deserve more from states

Idriss Siyat, Editorial Writer

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School educators are currently walking out across the country demanding for school funding and higher pay, but the government is turning a blind eye to the issue.

Starting with school funds, some districts have old text books and some are in such bad shape that they can’t be taken home by students who need extra study time. Besides, they are not even enough books for the students.

It’s sort of cliché. Greeley West is a public school and most students ask their teachers to give them a pass to the library for them to work on their projects using computers, but the computers sometimes freeze.

They need Microsoft updates and cannot be used. This is a major problem most of the schools are facing. Our teachers use power points or electronic presentations to teach, and all homework and assignments are posted online for us to access. Due to this, computers would be highly advantageous for students to be able to use as a resources.

The demonstration was not only meant for school funding, but also low salary. I can tell you teachers are underpaid. Many teachers have a second job. Mrs. Lang, a long term substitute said, “I work after school and on the weekends to make additional income for my family. It’s hard doing everything we need to do on a teacher’s salary.”

Considering the amount of work, pressure, and emotional issues teachers have to deal with on a daily basis, teachers are vastly underpaid. In addition, each year teachers desperately need supplies for their curriculum and classes. Teachers have to buy supplies like markers, posters, and glue sticks, and those expenses come out of their own pockets.

The frustrating part is that sport teams generally do not have same problems. In America, sports have more influence and prestige in schools. School boards like to hear that the football team defeated their rival, won a state championship, or are going to nationals.

Teachers really are underpaid for the work and effort they have contributed to education. They deserve so much more, and not just a higher pay, but a higher recognition. Teachers are the people that can bring out the inner Einstein of that shy kid that doesn’t talk, and they make students notice how every little part of the universe ticks together.

Teachers are the people nurturing the future brilliant minds of this country. Why doesn’t our government want them to focus on their job and stop striking? We need teachers to have the tools they need to be successful.

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