Freshman Pom follows sister’s path to Spartan Pride

Mackenzie Hora, Staff Writer

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The Greeley West Poms added two new freshman to their team and hold big expectations for them this year. The youngest addition is Lexi Martinez, who is the sister of senior Bryanna.

The freshman Martinez had danced for six years at multiple studios to prepare herself for the tryouts last April. “Oh I was so nervous, Martinez said about the tryouts.

For Martinez, it was important to prove herself  separately from her sister.  After a grueling three day tryout, full of pom, jazz and hip hop dancing, Martinez could finally rest knowing she would be part of the dance team. More than 30 students tried out for one of the 12 coveted spots.

Despite the excitement Martinez holds for her new crew, she’s excited for other elements of Greeley West as well.  Coming from Westridge Academy, Martinez knew that West and the opportunities it held was the school for her. Even after just two weeks, she is loving every second. “The teachers really make you feel at home,” Martinez said.

She praised the skills the staff exudes in the classroom. Her only critique? The hallways are packed during passing periods and for a freshman it is difficult to maneuver through the halls. The Hub has been especially tricky to learn how to deal with. “It is so hard to get anywhere,” Martinez said.

Martinez is electrified for her first year in high school and is looking forward for representing the Spartan name.

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