New technology has already led to student growth

Brayden Startzer, Staff Writer

With the new school year rolling around, students are pleased to see West’s addition; the new technology. With a massive overhaul of computers and laptops that were generally considered way below average, classes are beginning to integrate technology a great deal into their original routines. With so many technology classes offered at West, it was long overdue for an upgrade.

Even core classes over the last few years have been trying to use technology to help students learn and get active. Programs like Google Classroom or Schoology allow the teacher to better connect with their students, but slow technology has created a barrier up until this point.

Teachers in all departments are starting to put the new appliances to work, helping kids organize their homework, locate their notes, or link students to class activities.

The new additions don’t stop at the laptops or desktops, but even go as far as new classroom sets of calculators, or mini hotspots in rooms to increase performance. This is all thanks to the annual budget increase of $14 million introduced by Colorado bill, 3A which was passed earlier this year.

When asked about how technology is being integrated into her classes, Junior Ellie Ness said “Compared to last year, we are using the technology a lot more. I’ve been using it a lot in my Algebra 2 class and my AP Lang class.”

The increase in productivity is no secret. With more use of technology in classes, students are finding it a lot easier to find motivation in their classes. The growing reliance generations are having on technology as years pass urgently called for the upgrade of the selection we had prior.

With new speeds, and the dedication of teachers to further integrate programs into their classes, the possibilities of what we can do are only beginning to be seen.