Greeley West increases rigor with changes to IB, AP programs

Jackson Morgan, Staff Writer

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This year Greeley West’s International Baccalaureate program got a revamp. Since the program began at West in 1996, it had been run as an opt-in program for the incoming freshman that required an application process.

Starting this year, all incoming freshmen will be part of the Middle Years Program, IB’s pre-Diploma Program that starts in 6th grade.  Unlike past years instead of just transitioning into the diploma program, students now need to apply as sophomores to continue their IB education.  West is doing this in hopes of being a more complete IB school and to run like the other IB schools around the world.  Greeley West principal Mr. Jeff Cranson pointed to Brentwood’s strong MYP program as a reason for the change.  “Our middle schools are considered pre-IB so most of the freshmen should be ready and prepared to begin with MYP,” Cranson said.

Not only is the IB program changing, but so are some of the rules regarding Wests AP programs. In previous years, AP classes were reserved for upper-classmen only and sophomores could take a class like AP Physics here or there.  Freshman couldn’t take any; however, this freshmen class will be allowed to take AP Human Geography. Cranson said West was just catching up to other schools. Greeley Central, for example, had open-AP for freshmen for the past few years.  “Most schools allow freshman to take AP classes so we thought we should also,” Cranson said.  “We are hoping that it helps them get an idea of what an AP class is like so they can prepare to take several at a time when they are older.”

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