Community rallies to support West graduate’s family after fatal car crash Sunday night

Evelin Chanchavac, Staff Writer

A GoFundme page for 2018 Greeley West graduate Yesenia Uribe has been set up to help family raise money for medical and funeral expenses after Uribe died in a car crash near Island Grove Park on Sunday night.   West students are also looking to help out:  LULAC members will be collecting money at school to give to her family. 

In addition, to raising money, a candle lighting will be held on Friday at 5:30 p.m. at Island Grove Park.  Friends and family are asking everyone to wear purple to the event as it was her favorite color.     

Uribe was hoping to pursue a cosmetology degree and had left an impact among many friends at Greeley West.   

To those who knew Uribe, they  remember her as a lovable and funny girl, who took pride in working to put a smile on others’ faces. One of her close friends, West graduate Fernando Chavez stated, “She was always thinking of her friends and family. She would just bright up the room with her smile.  She was awesome.”

“The amazing thing was, she was always in a good mood,” Chavez continued.  “If we were having a bad day, she would literally just smile and put it aside.”

Like Chavez, Itzel Guadarrama, also a 2018 West graduate stated, “ She was always very kind, a loving person.  She made sure everyone was good  She had a contagious laugh in the group.”

Many took to Facebook to share their condolences and to show their love for the family and friends closest to her. With many shares and posts, classmates and relatives shared memories and reminders of how precious life can truly be.

Here is the link for the GoFundMe page: