Where is El Fuego?

Hailey Ortega, Staff Writer

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Many students and facility members have been asking the same question, “What happened to El Fuego?”

Mr. Matthew Poling, the executive chef for Weld County School District 6 was able to answer some questions in regards to the food truck.

“The El Fuego food truck is currently not in operation.” said Poling.

Despite Greeley West’s commitment to the District food truck that was unveiled two years ago, the operation wasn’t profitable across the district. As a result, the distrcit’s nuturition services team is trying to work on ways to make the truck more financially sustainable.

One idea that has come up was maybe offering the meals to middle schools via the food truck.

In the meantime, students will need to do without their street tacos, nachos, and various other specials the food truck served.

It is not confirmed the El Fuego food truck will be making a return, but Greeley West was one of its biggest clients. If they do come back, Poling added, El Fuego will most likely offer street tacos and the usual fare.

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