Young Life students hand out donuts to bring attention to organization

Hailey Ortega, Staff Writer

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This year students who come to school in the mornings might notice young adults standing outside in the front of the school offering donuts to any students that want one. What many students don’t know is who they are a part of and why they are really outside handing out donuts.

These are UNC students who are leaders in Young Life. Young Life is a religious organization that helps younger students find their way to Christ. Junior Grace Whyrick says, “It’s a healthy and fun place that you can have fun and be yourself.”

The donuts that are handed out in the mornings (typically on Mondays and Fridays) are meant to brighten students’ mornings. The leaders stand outside with donuts and will hold the door for students and tell students to have a great day. It is their way of making students feel important and spreading information about who they are and how students can join if interested.

Students from Greeley West, Northridge, University, and Windsor are all a part of the Northern Weld County Young Life group.

During the summer they go to a week long summer camp that always has a different location and is students from different states that are attending. In the winter they have snow camps that are three days long. It will be on January 18-20 this upcoming year.

Students don’t have to be religious to join; they can just come for fun. Meetings are held on Mondays at 7:27 p.m. at a warehouse downtown. They “play games and sing/scream songs.” according to Whyrick.

Any students interested in finding out more information about how to join find Grace Whyrick, a student leader for the group, or Mia Pena.

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