Music students apply for new Tri-M group hoping to speak ‘universal language’ of music

Kylee Bullard, Staff Writer

Greeley West High School is introducing a new music program called Tri-M that is available to band, orchestra, and choir students. Tri-M is a year round music commitment. Students applying are expected to demonstrate leadership, and cooperation. Applying is as simple as having your parents sign a paper and writing an essay about why music is important to you.

Mr. Tom Nugent, the orchestra teacher at Greeley West, is the main person who is in charge of this program. Students are basically signing up for a music honors society. The reasoning for this program being introduced to Greeley West is to enrich musical and cultural activity in the school and to help build leadership.

Not only is this program to help build musical talent, but it is also a community service program. “The students can pick a project like food drives or organizing performances for nursing homes or elementary students,”stated Nugent.

Having band, orchestra, and choir all being in the same group might seem nonfunctional to outsiders, but Nugent being on the inside of the music world believes music is a “universal language” and everyone will bring their unique talent.

Student Esmeralda Arreguin is in both band and orchestra, playing the oboe, violin, and viola, and is signing up for Tri-M. “My end goal for applying to Tri-M is I feel like it would be very beneficial for colleges to see and I think it would be really cool to be involved in a group for musicians,” stated Arreguin.