AVID ambassadors excited for important visit from national group

Evelin Chanchavac, Staff Writer

Don’t be alarmed on Tuesday October 23rd upon seeing men in fancy suits and women in professional dresses walking and entering classrooms. Greeley West High School will be evaluated by the AVID Corporation including, the Program Manager in the state of Colorado, a Program Manager from a different state, school board members, counselors and teachers from Prairie Heights Middle School, and community members.

AVID evaluate every Demonstration School to renew their title every three years. Greeley West is excited to show off AVID strategies, AVID students and their performance throughout the school.  There will be a presentation for the members to start off. From there, AVID ambassadors will have the opportunity to show them around the school, visiting classrooms.

AVID ambassadors Rodrigo Perez and Andre Brown are both excited to show the AVID team the impact the AVID program has on the students at Greeley West.  Perez said, “It’s a great thing.  We can be put on the map and they can see what a great school Greeley West is and how serious we take academics here.”

Perez is a junior involved in football, AVID, and wrestling all with a 4.0 grade point average. Perez joined AVID his sophomore year and was recruited as an ambassador based on his involvement in the school and his high GPA.

In agreement with Perez, Brown stated, “I feel like since we’ve been a demonstration school for a long time I feel like the culture around the AVID program at Greeley West is some of the top in the nation.”

Brown also discussed on how the AVID program has shaped him into becoming more confident in his ability to succeed. Brown has been in the AVID program since sixth grade and is a Varsity player on the football team.