Students register as voters

Luisa Zamora, Staff Writer

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Many juniors and seniors at Greeley West High School are registering to vote in order to participate in the midterm elections this November. Many people overlook midterms because it does not affect the national government. However, in the midterm elections the entire House of Representatives is up for election as well as 35 of the 50 Senators. Not only are politicians included in midterms but so are amendments that affect voters’ lives in various ways.

Included in these are amendment 73 and 112, which seem to be the most controversial to voters, including Greeley West Students. Amendment 73 is a tax increase for those who make over $150,000 in order to create a regulated fund for education. Amendment 112 would create a 2,500 foot setback around occupied structures and vulnerable areas for oil and gas production.

There are various resources available for students who would like to register to vote. The most obvious ways are the links and ads seen on various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. There is also a link available on Greeley West High school website. Students are also able to register to vote in person either on paper or online. They can do this by registering through various organizations that run voter registration drives such as: League of Women Voters, Weld County Republican Voters, and Democratic Party of Weld County. Another option is going to the Weld County Election Office at 1401 N 17th Ave.

Colorado has become a unique state to vote in due to various changes that have happened over the past few years. These changes allow voters to register or change their registration up until the day of the election and provides all voters with mail in ballots. These mail in ballots makes voting easier for many by allowing people to receive their ballots in the mail, fill it out, and then mail it back. If mailing the ballot in, voters also need to make sure to put it in the mail with two stamps in time for it to be received by November 7th. Voters can also vote in person or drop off their ballots up until the day of the election at specific locations.

“I’m really looking forward to being able to participate in the upcoming elections and am glad I have the chance to register now instead of later.” said Megan Battleson

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