West students vote in first eligible election

Hailey Ortega, Staff Writer

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All teenagers in the state of Colorado get two chances to register to become a voter. They are asked if they want to vote when they receive their permit and when they receive their license. Even though when most teenagers get these they aren’t able to vote they still have the chance to register, that way when they are at the age of 18, they will receive what they need to vote.

This Mid-term election focused on amendments that would have helped raise tax money, city issues, judicial retention, senators in the state house and House of Representatives seat.

Here at Greeley West, some students who have reached the age limit of voting decided to participate in this election.

Seniors Brody and Jared Clark took part in this election. Clarks were both very passionate about Proposition 112, as for it was a very big deal to them that the outcome was a no. “We wanted to vote to be able to have a say in an election already,” said Jarod Clark.

Senior Lara Widger said, “I’ve always been interested in politics and plan on studying political science in college.” Widger definitely felt the need to vote on Amendment 73 which would have increased school funding, something she felt is needed. Enough though the vote fell short, Widger still said she was glad she got to voice her opinion.

Senior Riley Reynolds said, “I wanted to vote because I feel like it’s one of my privileges as an American and I didn’t want to pass that up.”

All students said that they plan on voting again in any upcoming elections.

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