Beloved faculty member turns to Uber driver at night

Evelin Chanchavac, Staff Writer

Although he has a packed schedule of coaching and teaching, Mr. Greg McAdams is finding time to be an Uber Driver in Northern Colorado.

McAdams teaches credit recovery and mass media at West. In addition, during the fall he coaches football and during spring track.  Now, he is driving the streets of Boulder and Longmont at night, looking to provide rides.

In an attempt to make extra cash without overworking, McAdams and his brother decided to sign up to the known ride-share transportation service Uber.

Uber is a on demand app in which you can request a ride at any given time or place. Many people use this app as replacement of public transportation.

Signing up was easy and fast for McAdams. To sign up, you have to get your vehicle inspected. Then Colorado requires you to pass a physical examination. After getting those requirements driver’s license, registration and insurance is uploaded on the app. Once providing all information, within a day the company contacts you to let you know if you’ve passed all requirements.

McAdams stated he was on the fence starting but then remembered a person in his life that inspired him. “My grandpa worked really hard and he had to work multiple jobs to support himself and family, so doing extra work is never a bad thing. We could all use extra money – going forward I saw the positive,” McAdams said.

Although McAdams has not had any odd or funny experiences driving people around, but through the new feature on Uber called Uber Eats, McAdams has learned more about people’s eating habits.  “A lot of people order McDonalds… it’s crazy how many cheeseburgers and nuggets people will order,” McAdams said.