Sports medicine class checks out Colorado Eagles’ training facilities

Kylee Bullard, Staff Writer

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On Thursday November 8, the sports medicine class at Greeley West got the chance to have an inside look into the Colorado Eagles hockey teams’ athletic training room, weight room, and the athletic facilities at the Budweiser Center. The class did not get the chance to talk to any of the players because they were on the road.

The trainer showed the students demonstrations of all the tools they use on the athletes to help reduce pain. One of the examples was ultrasound therapy, the waves being sent to the leg joints create heat waves that increase the blood flow in that area, which allows decrease in swelling.  Senior Rebecca Nava stated, “Having the trainer show us what they really use on the athletes to help them in physical therapy was very interesting.”

The sports medicine class’ main focus is learning about sport-related injuries and how to treat them. Nava explained, “Getting the chance to actually see how treating the injuries was a lot more interesting than just learning about it in the class room. I am glad I got the opportunity to see how it really works.”

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