Happy rocks make happy communities

Jackson Morgan, Staff Writer

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Ms. Kimberly Fisher’s English classes have been working a new project to help spread words of encouragement. The project is part of a movement where people take rocks and paint them and write a quote or phrase to help encourage someone to help them feel happy.

This is the first year Fisher has done this project, but she says she enjoys it and wants to continue it.“I really enjoy this project because the students get to be creative, but it also has a positive impact on the school and the community,” Fisher said.

When the students are finished, Fisher gave the students three options: Take the rock home, give it to someone, or place it in the community or the school.

The students could either come up with a quote or find one online. Seniors Garrett Fink and Keanna Hegwood both enjoyed the project. Hegwood, who hid hers in the school, said, “I really liked the project and thought it was really fun.”

Fink gave his rock to Mr. Brandon Torrez his math teacher because Fink felt like Torrez would enjoy it. Fink said, “This project is a good idea to spread encouragement.”

The class spent just around a week on the project and are considering having a competition between the ones that got hidden inside of the school. Fisher isn’t sure if they are going to go through the competition but thinks it would add some fun to it.

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