Museum exhibits inspire art, fashion students

Luisa Zamora, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, IB Art classes and FIDM took a field trip to the Denver Art Museum as they do every year. This year was different because students could choose to go to one of two exhibits being featured, Dior or Rembrandt. At first students that signed up for the Dior exhibit were worried they would not be able to see the exhibit because they had arrived three minutes past their allotted time. However, sponsors were able to work with the museum to get the group new tickets for the 12 p.m. time.

Senior Jana Sherif, who is in IB Art, decided to tour the Dior exhibit in order to help her create a plan to make a clothing item to later be in the IB Art exhibition this year. Even though many students do not do as much 3D art, being able to look at how artists progressed from 2D to 3D projects was helpful to the students. They also learned about the history of the exhibit by being provided with a headset to listen to the explanation of each piece of art.

“Seeing the sketches with the clothing helped me better understand how to transform my idea into an actual 3D piece of clothing,” said Sherif.

The other group of students chose to go to the Rembrandt which focused on printmaking. Printmaking is the process of making art by printing on paper with an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction. Images of biblical, portrait, still life, landscape, and artworks of the time showed Rembrandts talents and how he was able to become one of the greatest artists in history. This exhibit helped students understand his work habits and how his view of the world around him influenced his art.

Fashion Club went in order to look at the new Dior Exhibit. This exhibit surveys 70 years of House of Dior’s enduring legacy. In the exhibit 200 dresses were featured along with accessories, costume jewelry, runway footage, and other archival materials. After World War II Dior focused on overcoming the masculine silhouette created during the war. He instead focused on soft shoulders, and nipped waists. The exhibit was organized chronologically, featuring how Dior created his fashion house’s reputation and how his successors continued his legacy while creating their own aesthetic.

“It was amazing to see the development of Dior’s collection through the years and also how his pre-work sketches became 3D art,” said senior Reese Tilton.