Theater class preps for ‘Magic’ travelling show

Jackson Morgan, Staff Writer

For the remainder of this semester Ms. Peggy Freemole’s fourth-period class is putting on a grouping of short children shows to perform at local elementary and preschools. All the plays are part of a big show called Magic Theatre.

While the play is called Magic Theatre, the play has no magic tricks, just imagination. The class is split up into seven small plays that are written to spark the kids’ imagination while also helping teach them valuable life lessons. In the spring, the class also hopes to do an outdoor performance at the outside theatre in St. Michael’s Square. The show won’t be ready to travel until after winter break, but before break, the class hopes to do a small show on a Saturday for kids and family who want to see the show before it goes on the road.

When asked about the plays Freemole said, “I’m excited to see some of these first-time actors perform and I’m excited to showcase our program around the district.”

The class is made up of mostly sophomores who most of had experience in previous Greeley West Theatre performances. Sophomore Blaine Cullen said, “I’ve done plays before, so I’m not too worried.  I’m mainly excited to travel to all the different schools and to see all the kids.

So far, the seven shows are about varying topics such as, being afraid of the dark, not being ashamed of who you are, and one about being nice to one another.