Christmas Gala replaces week’s worth of shows

Emma Hawley, Staff Writer

The 1st Greeley West Christmas Gala is not like the original Christmas concerts put on in the past. In the previous years, each department of the music program has had their own concert within three days the week before finals.  With the way the concerts were set up, not every parent could attend a concert, especially with the kids who are in more than one concert group.

Destiny Moreno is in all three of the performing art: choir, orchestra, and advanced band. For Moreno, the three day set up for each section she had to stay after school for three days in a row until around 8 or 9 pm which might affect her in other aspects of the day. She is not the only student that has experienced this predicament, nor is she the only person who has some trouble coming to all three.

Now, parents and kids all only have to worry about one night with performances the music department has decided to combine all three into one big concert.

This years Christmas Gala has all three music department and the Poms.  Also with getting to see all the performances, you also have access to a dinner from Texas Roadhouse along with desserts from the students, and a silent auction of baskets put together by the students in order to raise money for the music boosters.

For the silent auction baskets,  the students have come up with themes for each department. Band will have a pets basket, lazy day, game day, and arts and crafts. For the orchestra department, they are putting together baskets with the themes of phone accessories, BBQ/picnic, and a romantic date. This is an experimental year for West’s concerts, and so they all wish for everybody to come and enjoy the show and dinner.