Have you found your snowflake yet?

Gavonne Goodwin, Staff Writer

Last week, student council hung up individual snowflakes for everyone in the school. It’s been a tradition at West for the last 30 years. The front office, student council members, and teacher’s assistants helped make all of them. They cut out the snowflakes, glue them onto construction paper, write everyone’s name, and hang them up around the school.

“It’s a lot of work to put together 1,700 snowflakes, but it’s a unique sense of pride,” said student council adviser Ms. Lea Sanford.

Freshman Landry Young said she’s okay with them being hung up. She says it’s a fun tradition and it should be continued. She hasn’t been able to find hers yet, but she does know where it is.

Sophomore Caleb Sandoval said it’s cool because it makes the school more festive. He says it’s a cool tradition and it makes the school more enjoyable.  “It’s like a scavenger hunt,” said Sandoval.

Junior Gwendalynn Sandoval said it’s really cool. She says it feels like it makes people happy to find their name. She loves the tradition and thinks is should definitely be continued. She hasn’t been able to find hers yet but she has been able to find her friends’.

Senior Tracey Marcum said it’s kind of a waste of time. She says it’s nice but people don’t recognize it as kindness. She says the tradition should be continued, but people don’t appreciate it as much as they should. She has found her snowflake.