After placing third, Pom seniors start to look ahead to college

Hailey Ortega, Staff Writer

Last weekend, the Greeley West Poms went down to the Denver Colosseum to attend state. The dance team performed an outstanding hip hop routine and placed third in the 5A division.

Some of the senior girls are starting to prepare for college dance team tryouts. There are five senior girls on the team but two who will continue to dance after high school.

Senior Jacelyn Hays has been dancing for 15 years and plans to try out for the CU Boulder dance team next year. Hays explained that the tryout process is three days long and dancing at a college level is ridiculously hard. Before trying out for the team, Hays said she would like to improve her emotions through dancing. “Dancing is a physical art form, therefore it is supposed to give the audience a specific type of feeling,” stated Hays.

Senior Jana Datteri will also be trying out for the CU Boulder dance team next year. Datteri has been dancing for 14 years. Before tryouts, Datteri hopes to improve a turning disc technique and turns in general as it will help her with jazz routines which is what CU is really good at, according to Datteri.