Forgotten MORP dance will make its return in February

Jackson Morgan, Staff Writer

This winter, Greeley West  is bringing back one of its oldest traditions: MORP. MORP is a less formal dance where the girl asks the boy to the dance, which is why the name is prom spelled backwards. The dance will be on February 16.

Instead of dressing up like you do for Homecoming or Prom, the dance is more casual and it’s encouraged that dates match, but have more of a funny theme or a matching costume. Greeley West’s student council has booked a DJ, but said that there will also be games and activities in the auxiliary gym. The dance is placed over three day weekend to encourage more students to attend because they can finish up school work on the Monday they have off.

The Dance is coming back because of the abundance of requests from Greeley West students. The cost of admissions will be $5 to encourage a higher attendance. Ms. Lea Sanford, the adviser of student council said, “I hope a lot of students have fun being silly and I can’t wait to see the costumes the students come up with.”

This dance is a part of recent additions to activities at Greeley West to raise student morale and participation. The hope is that this dance being cheap and less pressure to wear fancy and expensive clothes.