We need to advocate for Eritreans

Yonas Kahase, Editorialist

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Isaias Afwerki has been President of Eritrea without change for over 25 years. The citizens don’t agree with him being President, but he refuses to step down.  Now, Afwerki wants to destroy everything, such as the church and hospitals.

The people need to make him acknowledge his wrongs and reopen buildings, like how Afwerki closed an orphanage for children who are living without their parents. The least that the people could do is to let everyone know about this problem and help reopen the hospital, church and orphanage. Many also say that hunger has become more serious and the lack of water is a big problem in Eritrea. If it’s possible, sending more help, such as resources to the children who are growing up in the orphanage and helping to reopen the Church would help the situation.  The world needs to step up and help the people of Eritrea.

The government continuously drafts people for the military, especially teenagers who are more able-bodied to fight, with most people drafted fleeing from the country to Ethiopia.

Now, we need everyone’s attention to help acknowledge the people in Eritrea who don’t share the same freedoms as we do in the United States. We need to advocate for Eritreans before their situation becomes worse. This is a blatant and very serious harm towards social democracy, and we must do our part as citizens of a democracy to help these people in need.