Tailgate parties before games will add to student spirit, attendance

Kylie Worsham, Editorialist

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Tailgating before a football game has been a tradition in many senses. Whether it be fans before a pro game, or parents before a little league game, the tailgate party – in some cases – is more looked forward to than the game.

Football games in high school are more often about the school spirit and who can cheer the loudest and motivate their team to a victory. Students plan themes, songs and cheers, the weeks leading up to the game.  Why not allow for a new tradition that allows for students to participate in sharing the school spirit and the school to fundraise extra money?

The idea is that before home games the school can charge an entry fee for the tailgate. Students will get to participate under a set of rules that can be set by the administration and the school earns more funds.

The past few themes of the school year at West have all been about, being the change and making history. Starting the new tailgate tradition would allow for students to make history and be involved.

If the school gave it a trial run for one of the upcoming home games, it would give a better gauge of if the student body could handle it or not. Mr. Cranson himself, is always trying to boost student morale and attendance in after school events, and this new tradition might just bring exactly that.