Fritzler Farm Park announces exciting new changes for 20th season


Kathryn Broderius

A view from above shows off this year’s Fritzler’s Farm Park maze, based on a new partnership with UCHealth and the Denver Broncos.

Kathryn Broderius , Staff Writer

Exiting new activities and partnerships will allow for fun fall festivities for students at Fritzler Farm Park in La Salle.

Fritzler Farm Park is geared up and ready for its 20th season of entertainment in Northern Colorado, with the intent to make it the best season yet. The season will kick off on Saturday and run through November 2. However, Scream Acres and other haunts will not open until September 27 at dusk.

One of the many new things happening at the park this year is its partnership with UCHealth to spread Bronco Fever all throughout Fritzler Farm Park, including the Broncos-themed maze design. “Bronco Fever is a Mile Highly Contagious fandemic that affects people’s minds and emotions, causing and uncontrollable need to show support for the Denver Broncos and the best part about it is there’s no cure,” stated UCHealth employee Kelly Tracer.

UCHealth Greeley President Marilyn Schock is looking forward to the partnership.

“I always enjoy it; even outside of the partnership. It’s a great opportunity for families of all ages. For our partnership, it’s really all about the community health and wellness, and being apart of the community by giving back,” Schock added.

The new partnership will bring with it an entire Broncos day, to include display of the Super Bowl trophy, visits from Miles the mascot, Bronco Cheerleaders and possible former alumni as well as the opportunity to get two dollars off admissions if you wear Broncos gear.

Visitors of the park can also expect a variety of new scares and surprises as well. Trevor Fritzler divulged that, “The courtyard has definitely changed.  We’ve added a bunch of new items and some great picture opportunities with our pumpkin barn.”

New additions include a new glow-in-the-dark paintball, an added arcade and an unlimited day time courtyard pass. The haunts have also completely changed.  “We’ve gone into two haunts (haunted mazes), Scream Acres overall with Ashes of Creation and Silver Screams, which are twice as big,” Frtizler said.

Christian Victor is the man responsible for the exciting new changes that were revealed. “We sat back and looked at Scream Acres in its entirety and split it into two separate haunts and went through the buildings that needed some work and revamped them into what is scarier right now,” Victor said.

“This year is going to be more in your face with scares you are not expecting. It will get more people interested and give you a premium scare. I’ve been working on this project since April. Once people start coming through the haunts word will get out and if they don’t, I swear I did something wrong,” Victor added.

Along with the scare, many more activities other than the maze, such as races, festivals and appreciation days will allow for a local fall adventure.