Dancing with the Teachers promises to be another showstopper


Ava Stephens

Junior Pom Chloe Job works through her routine with Mr. Troy Jarrell for Saturday nights Dancing with the Teachers show.

Ava Stephens, Staff Writer

As students prepare for the upcoming Homecoming season, there’s another event that students refuse to miss: Dancing with the Teachers

Dancing with the Teachers has been a hit for West students, only increasing in popularity over the years as the most-loved teachers participate. Teachers well-known and lesser-known alike will both be a part of the experience, showing off a side to themselves that no student can expect.

“It’s always fun to watch the teachers you see everyday get out of their comfort zone. Some teachers have hidden talents and others, not so much. Maybe one day Mr. Wagner will join in too!” Senior Crystal Sanchez joked .

Senior Pom, Kimberly Ordonez said that the main point of Dancing with the Teachers is to raise money for their choreographers to continue to perform amazing routines for the students.

“We do it every year because it’s a fun experience with the teachers and a great way to interact with the school. It’s fun to switch roles with the teachers for the night!” Ordonez explained.

The groups that will be performing on Saturday will be many teachers who students may already know:

Mr. Paulson with Isabella Martinez

Principle Allen with Adiana Youngblood

Mr. Jerrel with Chloe Job

Mr. Hilbig with Sylis Garcia

Mr. Perez with Nina Sanchez

Mr. Falter with Lexy Martinez

Mr. Walstrom with Myra Cerrillo

Mr. Vangilder with Eliana Cisneros

Mr. Dietz with Kimberly Ordoñez 

Mr. Allen with Brooklyn Startzer 

Mr. Leal with Alexa Gomez

Mrs. Sambur with Adame Cerillo 

Dancing with the Poms is this Saturday, September 21, at 7:00 p.m. in the Greeley West Auditorium.  The cost is five dollars.