Greeley West government students get opportunity to visit with mayor


Kathryn Broderius

Greeley Mayor and District 6 Head of Security Mr. John Gates addresses student questions during a presentation on Friday in the choir room.

Brevin Cruz, Staff Writer

Greeley West High School students were able to speak with mayor of Greeley Mr. John Gates and learn about local government during fourth period class on Friday.

Mr. Ky Dietz arranged the opportunity. “I honestly just emailed Mayor Gates and he responded to the opportunity with excitement,” said Dietz.

While the opportunity was required for Mr. Mike Conner and Dietz’s classes, the students were able to learn a lot more about their content, especially about local government. Gates introduced himself to the students not only as the Mayor but the Chief of Security for District 6. 

Gates lived in Greeley all his life and is a graduate of Greeley Central. He takes pride in the community and diversity.  

After a formal introduction Gates opened the floor to any question the government students were wanting to throw at him.  The questions ranged from immigration to the death penalty and from the bond issue to arming teachers.

Gates has had careers in law enforcement, education, and now politics and had words of advice for the future voters in the choir room.  He said, “success in life is based on communication.”

For junior government student Nate Hill, the opportunity was “very different and he answered all of our questions with complete confidence and truth.”

Overall the opportunity allowed for students to connect with a local official on a personal level that not many people get to do.